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2007-02-16, 2:58 a.m.

I'M BACK, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And check out the new, functional, kind-of-boring-but-maybe-I'm-making-a-minimalist-statement-oKAY? layout.

I hated that other layout--it was all so cramped over to one side, and the font was all small and beady. That's not the feel I was going for, nawha'msaaaaiiinn?

Wow. Sorry.

So I know it's been a really long time since I've been back here. But every time I decided to write an entry I would get to this point (the blank entry box, that is), and think WHERE DO I EVEN START. It's been a ridiculously long time since I wrote in here and too much has gone on to update, so I assume I'll fill in the blanks as I go.

The big news is that my dorm room here at College (tm) is enduring the aftermath of Hurricane Sprinkler Pipe. And what I mean by this is that last Tuesday, a pipe burst in the room two doors down from where I live. And it promptly turned my residential building into a kiddie pool.

So the conditions right now are as such: there are giant, industrial fans set up in the halls and in our room, and a perplexing clear plastic bag suspended from the ceiling which apparently helps to dry things. The worst part is the fucking dehumidifier that we have to leave on all the time. The thing is the size of a refrigerator and continually makes a noise like this:


And it also emanates heat and makes our room into the Nevada desert. It's seriously about 85 degrees in here at all times, and would probably climb to over 90 degrees if we closed the door and windows.

But how do I feel about all of this?? As Roommate and I stated to the school newspaper reporter, we're dealing. It's the worst possible thing that could have happened to us, but there's really nothing we can do about it. So we complain about it a hell of a lot, mostly to make each other laugh, and we have trouble sleeping, but other than that, we have stopped caring. And, honestly, I think it will probably be kind of weird when they take out the dehumidifier and our room cools to a temperate 80 degrees and Caitlin can stop sleeping on the ground since it's so gotdamn hot in here.

I'm going to rekindle an old tradition and conclude with the Good Things That Happened Today:

  • my Early Modern Europe class was cancelled for the second time this week due to my teacher having a "severe allergic reaction" to something. I'll have to use that one sometime.
  • had a fun lunch with Natalie (Katie's new roommate, who is sooo bitchen) in which we discussed ketchup-to-french-fry proportion, stealing from the dining hall, and Crazy Astronaut Diaper Lady.
  • got to catch up with Katie (who I haven't seen in a while because she was having a perfectly hellish week) and then bum around in Katie and Natalie's room, eating Dove chocolates and reading about the Bloods and the Crypts in the newspaper.
  • went to my one class of the day (Bible as Literature--best class ever) and felt smart making major conversation contributions in a class full of seniors and juniors.
  • got to bitch and moan about the flood situation to the aforementioned reporter from the school newspaper--Caitlin and I both contributed very unique and frustrating stories; I can't wait to read the article.
  • joined this semi-confusing website,, which is kind of like myspace, only a little more boring, but the awesome thing is that you can make these artsy photo scrapbook/slideshow deals. They come out ten times cooler than an ordinary online picture album. It's also a tremendous time waster. Tremendous. If you can, look me up by my email address and see if you can view my first one. And don't think I'm a giant dork. Remember: I was trying to kill time.

I think that may be all for now. There are many things that have happened in the past weeks that I wish I could talk about, like WIRED, and the purchase and reception of my new computer, and the trials and tribulations of my betta fish, Blouis and Redmund (R.I.P.), and the feelings I'm having for a certain someone that I'm not entirely sure how to interpret, but there is time enough for that in the future! For now, adieu.

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