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2007-02-16, 8:34 p.m.

Ah, Friday.

I scheduled myself to not have any classes on Fridays this semester, which was the best idea I've ever had. Today I

  1. bummed around
  2. ate food
  3. watched one of Roomie's Family Guy DVDs
  4. took a nap, and
  5. bummed around again.

Actually, that's not all I did. I also

  1. cleaned (as much as I could in the homeless shelter/refugee camp that IS our room)
  2. took turns with Natalie standing in front of the big fans outside our rooms, letting our hair blow back like Beyonce's on the Grammys, posing like models and singing "I CAN BEEE YOUR HEEERO BAAYYYBAY!"

Sadly, that was the highlight of my day. Next time we're gonna take pictures. I'll post them (and other pictures) on here once I am able to retrieve the transfer cable from my house, where I left it again. I really want to make this diary more than words on a screen, in the spirit of others, but I'm dumb at technology and scripts and PHP and all of that business, so you guys have to settle for ... picture stories. And "flipbooks".

Right now I'm really happy because there is a CSI: marathon on Spike that is themed "Death By Sex". I wanted to try and watch the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy because apparently it is 100% SCANDALOUS but I dunno..... Death by Sex might be too enticing. The only TV I ever want to watch anymore is CSI. And South Park.

Oh, and that show on MTV, Engaged and Underage. Whyyy am I so fascinated with ill-fated teenagers who apparently can't wait to ... share a bank account...

OH! and this show on Food Network called Nigella Feasts (which even sounds kind of dirty) that is really captivating only because the woman is this like, voluptuous British nanny type who makes things like "sticky toffee pudding" and "Rudolph Pie" and WHILE she makes them, she'll occasionally stare at the camera in this deeply disturbing, sexual way. It's really violating, and yet I can't not watch.

So the housing lottery is coming up here, and this year I'm in peril because I'm not guaranteed housing. I know I shouldn't make any plans before I find out if there's even a spot for me on campus somewhere, but I know my ideal situation: a townhouse with me, Katie, Natalie, and Caitlin. Unfortunately, that seems highly unlike because Katie's probably going to get CA (which is like an RA, only dumb and in College [tm] terminology), and I might not even get a number, and NATALIE might not get a number, and, okay, Caitlin's definitealy getting a number (because she is involved with a club that gives her priority), but she has a bajillion roommate options that she needs to decide between. But in a perfect world, all four of us would get numbers, and Caitlin would decide to room with us, and Katie... wouldn't get CA.... okay, well that's only perfect for me, not Katie, but this is MY dream life, okay??

But the scariest part is what I will do if I don't make the lottery cutoff. If I make it, and Natalie makes it, and Caitlin decides to do something else, I'd be thrilled to room with Natalie. And I also wouldn't mind rooming with Cait again--which is a vast understatement, because I've basically loved rooming with her. We have a lot of fun bonding, and goofing off, and eating chocolate, and decorating our room with shoddily-made arts and crafts. And honestly, I don't know if I would have been able to cope with the whole flood situation if I'd had a different roommate than Caitlin. (Awww. Cue the Full-House-"special moment"-track. <3Roomies<3, etc.) But oh my God. If I don't get a lottery number? And Natalie AND Cait do, and Katie gets CA? WHERE WILL I GO!? I'll be homeless!!! I'm not living in EWING! By myself! Wahhhh!!!!!!

Okay, it's a bit too early to be freaking out. I'm just causing myself extra stress. But apparently that's the kind of person I am; I need to have things planned out like, 4 hundred years in advance, and when I can't, I panic. Loudly.

But I'll try to be calm. I apply for housing on Monday and the lottery comes out on March 7. I'll be sure to keep you all updated, because this topic is SO scintillating and I know you really want to hear all about it :P

For the rest of the night I think I'll just be watching more CSI, and I'll probably eat more food, which is just great, and I'll keep talking to Linds online until one of us has to go to sleep, and hopefully someone will come to visit me and we can model in front of the fans again. Until then,


You stay classy.

Oh, P.S. Room update: No. Just... No.

OH! P.P.S. My mom's birthday is March 1-- I need gift ideas, FAST. Natalie suggested I send her flowers, which I think is actually kind of cute, and my mom would appreciate that. But does anyone have any other ideas that could be accomplished by... oh, next week? Let me know!

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