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2007-02-20, 12:46 a.m.

I'm writing this entry instead of writing my 3-page "Personal Reflection" that is due tomorrow night. Heh. Heh.

But! There is big news! All the flood equipment is gone! YEAH! The guys came in while I was at class and took (most of) it all away!! So now our room is back to normal!!!! And Caitlin can sleep on her bed again instead of on the floor!! And you guys don't have to listen to me bitch and whine about how much it sucks to live in a disaster zone! YAY!!!!

Natalie, Cait and I went to Fridays to celebrate. Instead of ordering meals we ordered appetizers and devoured nearly all of them in a manner of, oh, say, 90 seconds. Seriously. It was. A leeeetle bit scary.

The building restoration dudes left one giant, blue industrial fan in our room to continue drying one of the walls, and today we used it inappropriately as an atmosphere-enhancer for our We're Avoiding Homework photo shoot. So now there are about like, 20 absolutely frightening pictures of me posing like a TOIIIGER floating around on Facebook. And now my eyes are all dry from standing in front of a really powerful fan for like, 20 minutes. But at least my hair looked REALLY REALLY cool. Or, if not really really cool, then really really ...blown away from my face.

So that was my evening. My day went by pretty uneventfully, aside from the removal of the equipment and the subsequent room re-arranging. My Mondays are kind of hellish because I have class from 4 in the afternoon until 8:30, but I really enjoy both of those courses: Bible as Literature and Creative Writing: Fiction Workshop. Today I was workshopped, which means that last Monday I handed in a seven-page short story and today my classmates and professor came in with comments and criticisms and they all shared their thoughts with me. It sounds like a pretty laid-back process, but it's seriously nerve wracking. For the first like, five whole minutes, I felt like the dumbest human being EVER. But even though my ego is a little bruised, it's worth it to get better at writing fiction (which I'm not that good at--poetry comes easier sometimes) and to gain a better writer's intuition. When you immerse yourself in reading and writing, you're bound to learn a lot about it.

That was a boring paragraph. Please accept my apologies. Onward!

I am getting really excited for the CONCERT!!!!! I haven't seen these boys, who are now totally not boys and are MEN of ROCK, in like, one hundred yeeeears. Okay, more like maybe 1 or 2 years. But they haven't put out a new album in like, 3 or 4 years. Which is a significant gap. The Walk, the new album, drops on May 22, which is, um, like, after I completely FINISH my sophomore year of college. But this concert I'm going to is one of four preview concerts nationwide. They'll be doing the new stufffff and I am so exciteddddddd. Okay. But really, I am so glad they continue to put out new albums because they have so much to say, both musically and otherwise. Honestly, for me, their songs verge on literature. There is a depth of meaning to some of their lyrics that I have not yet seen anyone achieve, apart from Matt Caplan, who is a species unto himself.

Okay. There's always more to say about them, and I could probably babble on for a few more paragraphs, but stop here and spare everyone for now. Anyway, the concert is on March 1 and that's getting really close! Linds is going to pick me up and school. And then we'll wait in line in the cold, experimenting with ways to hide our digital cameras during the security screening/ticket ripping, and then pack into a room with hundreds of other people, and then all-time favorite band... OF ALL TIME (oh, Josie.) will take the stage and I'll revert back to my 9-year-old self. It's good. It's cathartic. Some things you never outgrow.

SO. Now I think I really ought to go to bed. It's been a very taxing last couple of hours, what with my inhaling a whole pound of appetizers, and my prancing about in front of a big blue fan. I'll write my paper... tomorrow. It won't technically be "late" until midnight, when the online dropbox closes and I lose my chance to turn it in. So. Send me telepathic finish-your-paper-on-time brainwaves. Okay, readers. I hope you are all having good times and Classic Moments, wherever you are. Good bye and good night (name that quote)!

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