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2007-02-25, 11:30 p.m.

Just finished the essay that is due tomorrow.

Now I'm watching the Oscars and feeling pretty jealous of the pretty people.

(But I'm still glad that if I ever shaved my head and wanted to vandalize someone's SUV with an umbrella, the whole world wouldn't know about it and think I have bipolar disorder.)

The weekend was fun and laid-back. I didn't do a lot of work, hence the finishing-of-the-essay-at-11:30-on-Sunday-ness, but it's nooo biiig deeal. This is the week of the CONCERT!!! so I'm basically waiting for Tuesday to be over now. Eee!

Alright so. Let's keep this short and sweet. Good things that happened this weekend:

  • Well, the whole "you've been nominated for a scholarship" business was pretty interesting.
  • A rousing, hysterical game of one-word-at-a-time Catchphrase with the senior-sophs on Friday
  • Flirting violently with the very-good-looking cashier at Sam Ash who rung up the guitar strings my dad and I were buying. My dad didn't wait for his receipt and wandered away to look at keyboard stands, so I hung back while it printed and shrugged sheepishly. Cashier asked me if the strings were for my guitar, and nodded approvingly when I said yes. If he only knew I haven't played the guitar in like, 2 years.
  • I watched the Princess Bride TWICE, thanks to the geniuses at TBS.
  • What does TBS stand for, anyway?
  • Bonded a little with Blouis the fish.
  • Finally retrieved my transfer cables for both my mp3 player and my camera, so I can upload pictures, yay!!
  • I played relatively well at church today.
  • Did you know that NO stores sell dated planners right now? Well, that's not a good thing, but that's something I did--went on a hunt for a new planner. It was not fruitful. Obviously.
  • OOH! I BOUGHT FIGHT CLUB, THE BOOK! Oh my God, I started it yesterday and have since like, um DEVOURED it, I'm more than halfway through and oh ho ho, Chuck, Charles, Mr. Palahniuk, you have certainly not failed me. Marry me!
  • Also bought A Long Way Down by Mr. Nick Hornby, which I am sure I will plunge into and finish in like, 3 hours instead of reading The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln for History. Right.

Anyway, I bet there's more to talk about, like the weird painful growths in my throat, and my thoughts on the equally painful awards show that I am watching right now, but I am simply too exhausted and I think I'll go lie down, instead. Fare thee well, love-ums.

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