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2007-02-26, 11:57 p.m.

Skipped my first class today to get some extra work done. It was worth it, especially because this is the class where we spend over an hour talking about our lives and weekends and the places people have traveled, and celebrity gossip, and basically ANYTHING but Early Modern Europe. And then we spend the remainder of the time discussing some vaguely history-related, like the rate of pregnancy out of wedlock in medieval Germany (fyi--it was pretty freakin' high), or when the last holy war was officially declared (fyi--sometime in the 1800s).

Um. Actually. Maybe I shouldn't have skipped that class. It's usually pretty interesting. Oh well, what's done is done.

And now for something completely different! I found out which school I'll be observing at! It's a regional high school housing grades 7-12, and it's apparently the smallest public high school in the state. I'm scheduled for orientation this Wednesday at 11:30--I'm nervous! I also have nothing to wear, like, literally. You can't wear purposely-ripped-for-fashion jeans to your first day as a teacher's aide! And that's all I appear to have in my closet! I also want to project an air of maturity and um... old...ness(...) that I'm pretty sure a black-and-purple TCNJ zip-up hoodie would not achieve. I need some nice clothes, ASAP! What do I doooooo!?

I'm also anxious for everything else--meeting the staff, being placed with a teacher, meeting the kids, interacting with them. It's all starting to become real--I'm excited but nervous at the same time, which I'm interpreting as a good thing. But. More about that as it happens.

With that, I think I'll bid you all goodnight. I wrote an elegy for Creative Writing, in memory of my red fish Redmund, who died from a kitchen sink accident. The story is a bit melodramatic and kind of grotesque, but I think Redmund would have appreciated it. So be sure to check that out.

And as I said I would, I bid you all goodnight. Goodnight.

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