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2007-03-05, 11:07 p.m.

There are HUNDREDS of other things I could be doing right now instead of writing this entry, but I just wanted to highlight these two very important events that happened since my last entry:


I THOUGHT I was sick when I wrote in here on Saturday. I was JOKING about the delirium. I didn't know that very soon that night, I would actually BE delirious, in like, a real, clinical sense. So my fever just kept escalating and I did all sorts of things wrong, like bundling and not drinking enough water, and blah blah blah. I fell asleep on the couch all uncomfortable, and when I woke up it was 1 AM and I could like, barely even understand where I was. I kept thinking, I just have to get to my bed, but I knew standing up would be the worst idea EVER, and lo, it was. I'm pretty sure I had vertigo or some sort of similar dizziness, so standing up was impossible. I just fell down.

So I crawled to my bed and attempted to sleep, but I just like, tossed in my bed, THINKING I was asleep, but in retrospect I was just lying fitfully in the dark. I kept seeing my sister and my mom walk into my room (but they definitely were NOT doing that, as it was like, 3:50 in the morning) and I kept trying to tell them about "radon poisoning," whatever the hell THAT is, and trying to convince them I had it. Because I really thought I did. And I also had the idea that my dog, who was sleeping on my bed, was an anthill, and I kept being afraid of disturbing it lest all the ants come stampeding out and crawl all over me. Ew.

Every time I had to get up to do something like go to the bathroom or remove the 1,000 layers that I had put on earlier that evening, I felt like the room was spinning and when I got back in bed I would have like, the worst and most painful headache EVER. No one even bothered trying to force me to go to church that morning because I was CLEARLY ill. When I woke up, I wasn't feverish anymore, but I still had that sense of the world rocking back and forth when I stood up and tried to walk, so I decided to stay home until Monday morning to make sure I got enough rest to be completely okay.

So. I've since made a miraculous recovery (but I did pass my illness onto my sister). The only remnant of my Sick is sort of weird cough that isn't like, a cough from a cold, but is like, deeper somewhere in my chest and feels like a lung thing b/c when I breathe in a certain way, I have to uncontrollably hack up a lung. And the coughing like, hurts my sinuses. Owwww.

Okay, I know that my griping about my recent diseases is like, TOTALLY FASCINATING and really exactly what you all want to read about (sarrcassmm), but I'm going to move on to the other kinda cool thing that happened.


So I get to my History class this morning (after almost skipping it, I am SO GLAD I didn't), and immediately someone says to my professor, "Hey, let's go to Starbucks!"

And my professor contemplates this for a moment. He begins counting the amount of people in the room. He says slowly, "How many of you... have access to a car?"

So off we went. We ended up going to IHOP instead of Starbucks, since they were probably more willing to accommodate and serve a party of approximately 21, but it ended up being the better choice anyway. We split up into carpools and away we went.

The bigger news, I suppose, is that I got to get to know these two other kids from my year, um, let's call them "Christina" and "Ben" (mostly because those are names I thought they were before I found out their real names), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That seems like lame "bigger news," but keep in mind that it's been REALLY long since I've had a worthwhile conversation with a person at school who isn't Katie, Natalie, Caitlin, or someone in my major. Anyway, it was good to reaffirm the fact that most people here are really pretty awesome and friendly and just want to meet awesome and friendly people, as well.

Anyway, all three of us were flat broke, so we decided to share a stack of 5 pancakes and pay for it with one of those confusing American Express gift cards that "Ben" had.

But then we ended up wishing we had ordered more food because our professor told us he would um, be paying for all of us.

So the moral of the story is, my History teacher is an awe-inspiring man, and if I could be so lucky one day to drive my whole class to IHOP for an impromptu pancake breakfast, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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