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2007-03-20, 11:43 p.m.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. It was spring break, and some things are more important than updating daily. Like, um, staying up until 4 AM watching MythBusters? And um, going to the mall by myself? What?

What was going on before break was me being stressed out about studying for my finals, and studying for my finals, and then TAKING my finals (which totally sucked), then being surprised after my final when a cute/funny boy IMed me to ask me how I thought I did on our History final. And then it was home for break, which was at some points a whirlwind of super-fun activity and at other times SO. BORING. But it was great to finally see my best friends evarrr again and be at home for a whole week without any tests or papers or due dates or dumb stuff. Yup.

Anyway, here is a cute fragment of an entry that I wrote on my sister's birthday:

"Sorry for the lack of updates yet again.

This is what has happened in life:

-Housing lottery! Natalie, Caitlin, and I all got numbers, PRAISE THE LAWD, and we will pull Natalie's friend Danielle in to make a quad and I theeeenk we're going to try for a townhouse. I hope. :crosses fingers::
-Home for break! Home for break! I needed this break um, a LOT. What with the getting sick and the midterms and the "the-first-half-of-this-semester-totally-sucked-ASS" attitude, I need to feel like I'm starting over, I think. Yes.
-I decided not to apply for the Summer Writers Institute scholarship, if only because I feel like I don't have too much stuff I'm particularly proud of yet. And,um, possibly because I kept procrastinating on filling out the application until all of a sudden it was the 9th and I hadn't done anything yet, despite the fact that I went home last weekend IN ORDER TO fill out the application. Right.
-Friday night was opening night of my old high school's spring musical, Beauty and the Beast. It was ridiculously good, as I would expect it to be after hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on the set and costume, and hundreds of thousands of student rehearsal hours were spent in order to maintain the level of perfection that Mr. Nation (the producer/director) just HAS to have. Although I have to say that the single most thrilling part of opening night was when the kid who plays Maurice drove the "contraption" into a wall and ripped away a part of the stage. You can't beat that. Today, my, like, entire extended family came to watch my sister be a china plate/townsperson. It was pretty frustrating. We're a giant, immobile group, and trying to bring us anywhere is impossible.
-Today was also my sister's birthday. She is 15. Um... hooray! I bought her Arrested Development Season Three, which is kind of like buying it for myself. But I still have to wait for her to watch it. Sucks. God. You mean other people's birthdays weren't invented for my benefit? That's not a good prize."

And that's as far as I got. Since March 11, I saw Beauty and the Beast 3 more times, and saw Zodiac, which I liked, but damn, it was long. Also! I purchased and finally watched Little Miss Sunshine, and I also bought The Illusionist, that magician movie which I only really want to see because it stars my favorite not-hot-but-somehow-really-REALLY-HOT-hottie, Edward Norton, but I haven't watched that yet. I adored Little Miss Sunshine, its brand of despairing humor is aligned perfectly with the place I am in my life right now.

Ugh. That was the most pretentious sentence I have ever typed. Seriously.

And then I went and bought The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, which was written by this 30-something British man, but it's narrated from the point of view of an autistic teenager. It was excellent and I can see why it's a best-seller and seriously, everyone, go read it--it's pretty moving.

And that's the end of the break update, I think. I wish I had some pictures to share. I have a few, but they're not even uploaded to my computer yet. Heh. Heh. Sorry.

So, I'm back at school. No big disasters here, thank God. I want to observe tomorrow, but my co-op teacher hasn't emailed me back yet to let me know if tomorrow's okay for her. So ummm. We will see about that.

I could elaborate. But I think that's more than enough for one entry. Okay BYE.

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