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2007-03-30, 11:59 p.m.

Today I bought a spring jacket! For $30. Oh but um, then I bought 3 Alice In Wonderland-related pieces of merchandise. And accidentally bought a stuffed animal version of Flounder from the Little Mermaid.

And I saw Blades of Glory, which is, well, irreverent and outrageous and full of shock-humor, and that's what I needed to see. In life.

I bonded a little with constant-music-sending boy; we went to lunch and then he came over and fixed my computer, which turned into like, 3 hours of just hanging out. Cait and Natalie joined us intermittently. After today, I decided that I never ever want any of my school friends in the same room, ever. It just means there are more brains thinking of ways to make fun of me and the things I say. Woe is me! I SHOULDN'T BE ALIVE! ::single, eyeliner-black tear::

It's been a good, relaxing Friday--and it's going to be a fun weekend. If more of my weekends were guaranteed to be this enjoyable, I'd feel worse about having to go home twice per month. Tomorrow is Accepted Students Day, which means there will be hordes of potential students here. Emily is coming!! Even though I think she already got into her #1 school! But aside from that, I really want to wander around listening in on the tour groups and luring kids away from their tour guide with makeshift posters that say: "BACKLOT TOUR!" and "COLLEGE: YOU THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA."

I wish I had anything else to say besides a general outline of what will be happening this weekend, but honestly, life is pretty placid at the moment--I sort of feel like just sitting back and enjoying things instead of poring over the details. So I think I shall do just that. So uhh, bye bye entry! G'night, everyone.

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