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2007-04-19, 2:20 p.m.

Alright, onward.

I am utterly confused about the situation with CMSB. Sometimes I am really put off by the fact that we almost never talk in person and yet he seems to be fine with basically using me as a therapist.

But other times we are just goofing off and I realize we have quite a bit in common, and a similar sense of humor. And I have to ask myself if I'm just finding all sorts of faults with him because afraid to admit I like someone. But WHY? Because I'm trying to preempt rejection? Maybe?

Furthermore, I feel completely clueless when it comes to thing like interpreting behaviors and "playing the game." And frankly, my life has been so devoid of that kind of bullshit for so long that it's kind of inconvenient and almost annoying when things start to stir on the "romance" front.

I'm just confused. As always. LE SIGH.


I have to get through my 4 PM class and a group project meeting in the library at 5:30 (where we are presumably starting and finishing our entire project), and then I'm free to celebrate my birthday weekend woooo hooooo! Presents? PRESENTS?!? IWANTPRESENTS!!

Whoa. Okay. Sorry.

I wonder if I will ever outgrow this wanton materialism. I'll let you know when it happens.

(But seriously, if there's any kind of celebratory event for which one should be allowed be obsessed with presents, it's definitely birthdays. It's basically: You were born. HERE'S A BUNCH OF STUFF AND A FLAMING CAKE. KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!)

(Shut up, I know that doesn't make any sense.)

(Wooo hooo parenthetical interjectionssss)


Um. Yes.

Is anyone going to want to see Disturbia with me in the near future? If not, I think I'm going to have to find and download the Hitchcock movie that it was based on, Rear Window. And watch it all by my lonesome. With all the lights on, in the daytime.

I also really want to see Hot Fuzz, especially now that I saw Shaun of the Dead and I think I'm in love with Simon Pegg. Even though he is a jawline-less, chicken-neck-y, no-eyelashes, crooked-toothed British man.

Wow, seeing past outside appearances. I guess our little girl is growing up. Awww. I guess seeing Beauty and the Beast four times really transformed my personal moral code.


Before I go, may I please just say that it feels like a BRAND NEW WORLD now that Sanjaya has been voted off Idol?!?! Now we can begin the healing process, and move on to better, and better-sounding, days. Fuck yeah.

Off I go! You stay classy, Diaryland.

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