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2007-04-21, 1:23 p.m.

FourLeafClovr 11 (1:29:03 PM): yeah facebook is announcing your bday now

Nothing's official until it's on Facebook.

As my 20th birthday approaches, I'm starting to feel like 20 years is a good landmark year to make some important changes.

Foremost, I really want to start taking care of my body. I've had a really skewed body image for a long time now, and I'm beginning to understand that I am not dangerously obese like I thought I was, but that I'm still making really poor decisions, like never exercising, and eating so late at night--and frankly, my eating habits in general. It's always been kind of a dream of mine not just to be thinner, but fit, like really fit, lean and toned. I've been examining my body from a realistic standpoint, and I think if I really commit to it, my dream body is not that far out of reach. It's going to take a lot of work and it'll be a couple years in the making, probably, but it's one of those long-term goals where the results are ten times worth the effort.

I just need an attitude adjustment, I think. Sometimes I get really motivated like this, and I make myself "SPRING BREAK DETOX" assignments, and then, inexplicably, at 11:45 at night, I feel that Oreo cookies are crucial for survival. I need willpower, and I need to make re-vamping my body a priority over ... chocolate.

I'm not sure how I'm going to go about doing this, but the plan is in the works. I'll be updating as I become more certain of things.

Today a couple family members are over for "band practice," which is where my uncles futz around on their instruments in our basement, and then they eat and talk for a couple hours, and then they futz around a little again. And I try to watch Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello over the raucous thumping of Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" on constant loop.



Note the subtle changes on the page? Eh? EH?!

A comments section, Song/Book of the moment, and other changes that you can't see right now but I know about, such as stats tracking and image hosting? WHY IT CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING.

The Young'n bought me a SuperGold membership for my birthday. I'm really enjoying the benefits. Like always being able to write entries, even when the server is down, or whatevs. ROXXORS.


Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Off I goooo.

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