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listening to: We've been watching music videos to help Natalie pick one for a project, and my new old favorite song is "Virtual Insanity
reading: The Gospel of Luke. I have to start outlining my Bible As Lit final paper. Blehhh.

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2007-04-27, 12:16 a.m.


I just lost this whole entry that was like, an update on the whole Let's Make Healthier Decisions In Life plan, and how I want to get a new bike and take walks more in the summer, and I was all waxing philosophical on how my friends and I are all in this awkward limbo between being teenagers and adults, and thinking that the prospect of living in an apartment somewhere and going to work every day is all at once completely exciting and totally terrifying.

But then I exited the wrong window by mistake, and it all went bye-bye.

I suppose it's for the best. I was starting to sound like a real jerk-off, anyway. Using sentences like "Teenagers are the creatures with iPod headphones growing out of their ears" and stuff. Blech. It was probably God's way of telling me to stop thinking so hard about things.


Anyway, the HealtherChoicesPls update isn't all that exciting: For the past 3 days I've been eating smaller meals and I've limited my snacking. It feels like the end of something--actually, it is the end of something: the semester--so it felt weird to start making all sorts of big changes, like suddenly swimming laps or joining Weight Watchers. So I've been walking more, taking the stairs more, and making a lot of really nebulous resolutions for the summer.

And I don't want to jinx myself guys, but I really think I can do it. It's about time I started to take myself seriously. So here's to commitment, and to change.



If you please, check out the bio page in the "about me" section over there on the left. It's been new since Tuesday, but I forgot to mention it.

And now it's time for sleep! Goodnight!

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