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2007-06-03, 6:29 p.m.

Okay, I was wrong last time. THIS was the best hiatus yet. I mean, two whole weeks? And after I plainly promised to update with some pictures? "Soon"? I didn't know I could suck so much!

Anyway, here I am, and I have many pictures on my computer but none of them will be in this entry. Maybe later.

All right, let's get down to business. So much to catch up on. So very much.


Today, I spilled ice cream on my hair.

This is why the Random Hiatus is such a terrible idea. Now I can't remember anything that I thought of writing about while I was at work, or down the shore, or watching various movies or, getting a new phone, or um, scoring a boyfriend (an awesome, hilarious boyfriend whose awesome hilariousness caused some stranger to pay for our movie rental last night!!?), or at JURY DUTY (why. WHY DOES JURY DUTY EXIST.) or at my grandmother's freaking 90th birthday party, etc.

All I can think of to say right now is that I sorted through my clothes today and got rid of the stuff I don't wear. That's not even interesting!! Man, this is bad. I think I need to just update more often. That is the solution.


(The boyfriend? Is CMSB. And he will continue to be referred to as CMSB, because I love that nickname, and because it's still true. Only now, the "B" stands for "boyfriend.")


Since I can't remember what happened in the past couple weeks, I'll talk about what's happening in the future.

  1. Lots of shifts at, um, Workplace.
  2. Lots of complaining about the policies and procedure of Workplace
  3. Lots of hanging out into wee hours of the night with various people
  4. Reunion with the girls from TCNJ!!! EEEE!!!!
  5. Day trip to Six Flaggies
  6. Down-the-shore with CMSB :o)
  7. Some graduation parties. Oh man. My little senior-sophs are all grown up! ::tear::

It's gonna be a funtime summer.


In other news, I have kind of dropped the ball on the Don't Make Food/Exercise-Related Mistakes plan. Going back to work makes things difficult because I can't eat when I want, I can't exercise in the morning (because I probably stayed up until 3 or 4 the night before and work starts at 10:30) or in the afternoon/evening because I come home and eat and probably want to hang out with Linds or ILK or CMSB or whatever. And yeah, when I lay it all out like that it looks kind of dumb. Of course I can get up to exercise. Of course I can get myself back on track. I just let myself lose focus. So here goes. Again.


So Ilana gave me Spring Awakening for my birthday, and hoo boy. Is it ever amazing. Like, hey, let's go see it. Like, now. Okay? Anyone who likes Rent or musicals or MUSIC, for that matter, just go out and buy it or download it or steal it from your sister or something. The songs don't reach out and grab you like, you know, Wicked or Rent, but do they EVER grow on you, to the point that every song I have in my head is from the show, not because they're stuck but because I WANT to hear them over and over again so I play them in my head repeatedly.

Plus, I read the synopsis in the liner notes and that alone moved me. So... on that scale, the show must be, like... a religious experience. That's right. If I see this show, I will accept nothing less than a spiritual epiphany. That's a totally realistic expectation.


So yes. That's all I've got for you guys right now. I guess I won't promise to update more frequently, since that seems to backfire every time. We'll just keep that tacit. Don't worry. Even if there's another random hiatus, I will be back. I will always be back; I can't stay away from this thing.

I wish I knew how to quit you.

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