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2007-07-30, 9:20 p.m.

There are lots of wonderful things going on in my life right now, but have you ever noticed that happiness doesn't really make for great blog entries?

It's so hard to be open in here because I've become about 60 times more paranoid over the years and I'm worried about someone finding this and recognizing me and... and what? I don't know. The fear seems dumb now but it's very real and gripping in my head.

Two things I used to do a lot in diaries that I seemingly can't do anymore: obsess over things (namely, boys and music) and complain about shit.

OOH. WAIT. Complaint: that dumb and stupid commercial where a MILLION people yawn in rapid succession!!! Every time I see it I'm like OH NOES MUST CHANGE CHANNEL WHERE IS THE REMOTE PLEASE PLEASE MUST... find ... remote... before... I fall... snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

OOH I have an obsession too AHH this is GREAT: Big Medicine! Have you seen this show? No one likes it except for me, because I have an arbitrary fascination with morbid obesity. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Hmm.


Let's try to do a big laundry-list update, backwards chronological order:

  • Linds and Karen are both gone from my life, Linds for 2 weeks and Karen just until August 6th. Ilana was in Brazil but is back, I figured she'd be settling back in but I texted her about hanging out today anyway. No answer. So no hangin' out. And no Ilana, whom I haven't seen in sososososo long. WOE TO ME
  • Florida for a week was a fun vacation even though it rained like every day. We did the Disney thing and also bummed around by the pool and stuff and watched a lot of Hannah Montana. It was sosososo relaxing and coming back would have been depressing (considering that Linds, Karen, AND Ilana were all gone and it meant going back to Workplace) if not for the fact that I'd get to see CMSB again after 2 weeks :)
  • Mel and I went to Hairspray the movie, which was saved by two things: 1) Queen Latifah and 2) The delivery of the line, "Nap Away... all your kinks will be gone in a blink." We decided that Zac Efron has one and only one facial expression.
  • Before I left for Florida, Linds and I went to go see Legally Blonde the musical, which was so good and fun and dancey and oh. Linds and I got like, 1 hour of sleep each that day because she slept over the night before and we stayed up all night cause we're dumb. Yeah. Not a great choice.
  • Um, I don't know if my memory spans this far back. Ummmm.

I guess that's the end of that portion of the entry. It's ok, it was boring anyway, wasn't it? Yes.


When I started this entry my brain was ready for the undertaking, but right now I'm tired and my brain is confused because I've been watching Big Medicine and talking to Emily and CMSB online at the same time and also swatting at this dumb fly that got into the house somehow. So I'm going to end this entry and write more later or tomorrow. Okay? Okay. Goodnight.

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