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coat-rack forts and superhuman powers
2007-11-03, 10:02 p.m.

It's NaBloPoMo!

Which means daily entries!



Today my mom came up and took me shopping for a new coat--can I just ask if I am not the only person who has to resist the urge to hide in between the racks and wedge myself in the massively puffy winter coats? Mmmm... the walls are mushy....

Um. Anyway.

We went to dinner at the Italian restaurant where CMSB works as a waiter and ate delicious crab cakes. CMSB waited on us and we scrutinized him relentlessly. Okay, I scrutinized him relentlessly and my mom yelled at me for doing it. But come on! He forgot to give us straws! And he didn't take our menus away! But he does look good in a tie. And aww, he has to wear this cute little apron, and he has one of those steno pads for orders, and he even told us the daily specials! Like a real life waiter.

When I got back Nash, Danielle and I watched Legally Blonde: The Musical, which I'd actually already seen on Broadway (with Linds, on an extremely memorable excursion to NYC that involved the unfortunate decision to not sleep the night before we went), but it was fun to watch it again. I am both freaked out by and completely in awe of Broadway actors and actresses and their superhuman (or possibly otherworldly) abilities to belt high C's and dance fusion hip-hop at the same time, two things which I couldn't accomplish on their own, even with the aid of top-notch professional instructors, a "Made" coach, a vocal cord transplant, and a crack team of specialized government officials. Believe me, I've looked into it.

And in Legally Blonde, they jump rope, too. My brain exploded a little when I saw that for the first time.


My room is disgusting. I think after I finish this entry I'm going to clean it. Then maybe take some pictures and post them and talk about the stuff in them! Oooh! Won't that be riveting!

Okay, off I go! Everyone remember to set your clocks back an hour tonight! Yay!

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