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2007-11-11, 9:35 p.m.


Let's take a leetle tour of my 10'x11' abode. Just the interesting stuff:

Oooh, this is my bureau. Isn't it... dormy? And...crooked?


Ewwww. My booooks. Ewww. But oh, check out my two Shakespeare Norton anthologies! V. scholarly. Yes. Also note: Alice in Wonderland themed music box that now houses about 184942840500289 hair ties, little Halloween bear that Danielle brought home for us on Halloween, Unnecesary Abundance Of Bobby Pins.

Err.. the middle part of my shelf. It's kind of awkard looking on its own, truthfully. That cute li'l bunbun--er, I mean, Very Dignified Rabbit--over there was a random present from Linds. Also in this picture is another present from Linds: the really really really cool photo scrapbook she made me for my birthday yayyy. And oooh, that blue thing my Fake Fish Tank, you know, to replace the REAL fish I had once! WHICH I KILLED! OH THE HUMANITY! WHY! WHYY!!!?

Okay. Calm. Oh, also, I see dark chocolate turtles! Oh okay, okay, the theme of this picture is: Fake Animals. Okay. Onward!

Awww. Glamour shot of The Dog, and a mirror, and a stuffed Disney fish. And a water bottle that seems to be emanating some kind of mythical white light.

How about some DVD action?!

OK, here are my DVDs, and that little yellow cat is their Guardian. What? You don't have a creepy little idol standing guard over your DVDs? You would be, if you had ALL THREE SEASONS of Arrested Development in your collection, and Love Actually, and The Princess Bride.

Okay, bored of the DVDS. Let's move on over to....

Um. My closed closet doors, which are just as, if not more, boring than my DVD collection. Well. At least you guys can see my cute little picture tetris puzzle. Let's open up those doors, why don't we...

Great. That's riveting. Truly thrilling. We've got Marmy Schoolmarm's wardrobe, apart from her Wild Friday Night Red Shoes down there ::eyebrow wigglin'::, and a Very Full Hamper, and lots and lots of boring, boring hangers.

Why does this not feel as cool as Sundry or Dooce's photo entries? Maybe because my life is boring as hell and my pictures aren't as cool. Oh well. You guys can stop reading now, if you want, or skip down to the bottom for a picture of my snazzy, snazzy new coat. Or you can keep reading. I've already uploaded all the pictures so I'm going to keep going. Le sigh. Here we go.

This is my desk. Ew. It looks really ugly in this picture. Um. Note to self: Please clean desk area. Like ASAP. I guess in this picture you can see: my pathetic obsession with Alice In Wonderland paraphernalia, my kinda cool speakers, my new, pink purse, my cell phone... maybe? Hm. Let's zoom and stuff. Just for kicks.

Awww. Three Alice Pictures: Disney Alice, Some Kind of Cool Foil Alice, Arthur Rackham Alice. Various Pictures of Me and My Friends. Mementos from CMSB. One of those little umbrellas they put in your drink, from Marakesh. A ticket I got a couple weeks ago :(. etc.

Uh. Behold! Black and pink things! You can see my haphazard attempt at organizing my wire situation, my phone charging in the cute little phone-charging-place that Caitlin gave me for Christmas last year, and my framed picture at home. And you can also see my index card that I used for registering for classes. Booooooriiiiiiing. Let's see what's on the agenda for the month of November. Purse Driver!! MOVE! THAT! PURSE!

....Riiiight. I'm a busy, busy girl.


Well! That was exhilarating. Was it good for you, too?

To compensate for that letdown, here's a picture of my BRAND NEW COAT!

I apologize for the Outrageous Graininess. Taking pictures in mirrors is hard.


Before I go, it's my unfortunate obligation to report that Pinky The Mouse is deceased. Natalie and Caitlin discovered it this afternoon. Pinky, you were a sweet mouse, and you were the sneakiest mouse I ever knew, and I hope they have sunflower seeds for you in mouse heaven. Goodnight, sweet mouse. May flights of mousey angels sing thee to thy rest.

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