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2006-10-01, 10:03 p.m.

Signs and Signified:

I can't even begin to tell the story of my best friends from home. Since high school, we've grown up and apart, but we are always there for each other and our love for each other transcends all distance.

From left to right: me, Ilana, Linds, and Karen

My best friend since age 13 is dear Lindsay, who has a diary of her own, now. Right around that time, the inklings of bestfriendship began to grow between me and Karen (who I more commonly refer to as Kurr, Kurrynz, Karushka, and Karush than her actual name) and me and Ilana. In high school the four of us came together by what seems like natural magnetic force, and we've been a team for years now. I love these girls more than I could begin to describe, and I take our friendship very. Very. Seriously. As you can see.


The first friend I made when I got to college was Katie, whom I met in my terrible, terrible Multicultural Lit class. We started eating lunch regularly together and chatting about William Carlos Williams and the like. When she invited me to go see Harry Potter 3 with her floormates, I met Caitlin, her roommate, and we simultaneously bonded and annoyed every single person in the theater by adding our own snarky commentary to the film. Around the same time, I befriended a girl in my Spanish class named Liz. I call her Izzy. For some reason.
In 2007, after a long, strange debacle, Katie's roommate moved out and Natalie, the sunshine of my life, moved in. Through Natalie I met Danielle, who--fun fact!--is allergic to nitrates. Now, Cait, Danielle, Natalie, and I live in a townhouse together. Check us out!

From left to right, Cait, Natalie, Danielle, and me. We're cute.

Oh yeah, there's also The Boyfriend, who is commonly referred to as CMSB around these parts. The letters used to stand for "Constant Music Sending Boy," back when he courted me through the utterly confusing method of sending me mp3 after mp3 of his favorite music. When he finally properly asked me out, I kept the name, but changed the "boy" to "boyfriend." This is him:

He's dressed up for Halloween as Arrested Development's George Michael Bluth in this picture, and that is why I love him.

So those are the usual suspects. Under construction, as always.

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