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2007-03-26, 11:21 p.m.

I think I'm allergic to the dish soap we have in here. My haaaands. They eeeeetch.

Er, what's happened since yesterday? Errr.

The guy who sits next to me in my 5:30 seminar class showed up drunk today, and it was, consequently, one of the funniest classes ever. He kept randomly giggling at nothing that was funny, and kept saying things like:

"You have a fuzzy. I'm gonna go ahead and..." ::reaches over and plucks "fuzzy" from my sleeve::


"I took this thing of Orbit out of my desk just now and it was full. I get to class and it's missing two pieces..." ::I reach over and take a piece:: "... it's missing three pieces."

And then this one time he WINKED at me and--well, when a girl gets purposefully winked at by any guy who is marginally good-looking, it gets the heart to beating a little faster.

I did take into account the fact that he was drunk. But he did also wink at me once when he was sober too. I guess he's just a Winker. One of those. Types.

I can't believe that's all that's important that happened to me today. There has to be something else. Weekdays aren't great for entries since literally all I do is go to class, eat, and hang around in the room either talking to Cait or whoever drops by. Sometimes I do work. And I also watch TV. And I talk to people online if they're there.

That's a really sad life. I'm gonna go lie in the dark now.

Okay back.

Oh! I know what happened since yesterday! MY SISTER MADE IT INTO THE ALL-STATE CHOIR, BITCHES!!!!

I realize I'm living vicariously through my younger sister's achievements. I've come to terms.

No, but seriously, I'm all proud and whatnot. ::Thumbs up:: YAY MEL!!

And on that note.

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