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this is my question.
2007-03-30, 12:59 a.m.

I have just one question:

Why do all guys that I befriend insist on imposing their favorite music on me very early on in our relationship, and insist on sending me file after file of songs by their all-time favorite bands? And then they make me listen to it with them, synced up, and provide running commentary on their favorite parts and with little nuggets of trivia about the band/song/time period in which the song was composed/popularized/covered/granted an award.

This is more exhausting than you'd think. It's kind of like reading a review of an album or artist, except that the reviewer is RIGHT THERE, and pauses every so often to hear your thoughts, and somehow expects you to contribute something meaningful about a band or song you've never even heard of before. And will probably not like you very much anymore if you say you don't like the band. So unless I actually think whatever they send me is good (which happens more often than I expect), I end up thinking for a long, long time, typing and then erasing many awkward responses, and then finally settling on something politely neutral, like "haha" and "wow, cool."

The one really good thing about this weird pattern is when a guy sends me something that is actually really, really good. I've gotten to hear a lot of music that I never thought I would have liked.

But back to the complaining. Why is it that I don't have this recurring issue with my friends who are girls? Furthermore, why do all guys seem to think that a) I am the sort of person who has hours to spend listening to their Top 20 Best Songs of the 80s list in its entirety, and b) that worse, I am the sort of person who has terrible, terrible taste in music, and needs to be Shown The Way?

I guess I come across as a person who is enthusiastic about new things and open-minded about music? That's good, I think. But even then. I don't go around ranting about my favorite music to acquaintances, do I? Should I be?

I guess it's mostly my fault. I think I encourage it, unconsciously. It is sort of endearing when any person, not just a guy, is genuinely trying to share their excitement about some genre of music. Unless the genre is Sanjaya. Then it's annoying and frustrating.

And another thing!

(Wow, I'm just Whiny McBitchersen today, aren't I?)

How does one prevent this scenario from happening? Read:

A person of the opposite sex that you kind of talk to sometimes IMs you . And you get all into the conversation and have all sorts of bonding moments online. And you even have like, little inside jokes online and have made each other laugh so much.

But then you have to go to class or work with them, and in person, either the conversation is totally and stilted and lame, or you don't even speak at all, maybe you even avoid each other, because it's too weird to not have a computer screen between the two of you.

Freaking sucks. I thought I had learned my lesson from watching other people make the mistake of Being Friends On AIM First, but apparently I needed to find out for myself exactly how uncomfortable and awkward it is. Great.

At least thing are going better for me in other aspects of life:

  • We got a Townhouse! ::throws confetti, spins a noisemaker, etc:: Thanks for the crossed fingers, I guess they worked!
  • History teacher handed back our graded midterms today, and when he gave mine back, he paused and told me, "Best exam in the class." He gave me an A. ...!!!! I've heard that he's a hard grader, and I really, really hated the essays I wrote for that dumb midterm, so it was a personal triumph. Especially because I am not even a History major. BWAHAHA.
  • Cait: ::from under sheets:: "Are you calling me a slut?!" Oh, hell, I'll say it--I love my TCNJ betches!
  • I guess that's all.

Okay, I don't have class tomorrow, but I do have to venture out-of-doors to make an appointment with my adviser, so I can't sleep too ridiculously late. So um. G'night. Y'all.

(Ugh. Never let me say "y'all" again.)

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