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2007-02-18, 5:56 p.m.

Oh my goodness. "MULTIPLES!"

Yes, I wrote an entry earlier today, because I wanted to be all introspective about my old diary, but I thought that if I recapped my weekend, too, the entry would be too long. But. I see that it probably doesn't matter now because. There's still a lot to read from today. Right.


this was only my second weekend on campus this semester, which sounds pretty sad, but keep in mind I've only been in school for four weeks. Wait. I've only been in school for four weeks?? It feels, like, infinitely longer. It must have something to do with the fact that I've actually been, like, doing stuff here lately. I don't want to jinx myself or anything, but this semester has been going a lot better for me on all fronts. (NO JINXIE PLEASE)

But seriously. It seems like, a thousand years ago that Caitlin, Katie, Natalie and I went to the supermarket and Katie accidentally spent $10.40 on a bag of GRAPES cause nobody knew that grapes are ridiculously expensive, both in and out of season. I feel like I've been taking these classes I'm in, like, forever. Eoooh my God, WIRED seems like it happened LAST semester. It's the dumb flood. Everything in this semester right now is split up into B.F. and A.F.--before flood and after flood. AHH WHEN WILL THE DEHUMIDIFIER BE GONE!!?!

Okay. Sorry, I know I talk about the flood like, way more than is necessary, but it's really hard for me to ignore, what with the RUHH!!! and the omgINTENSE heat, and the people coming into my room when I'm brushing my teeth to check the "levels" in my room. It's not something I can just forget about and stop noticing. I don't even think the dehumidifer is reading moisture in here anymore. Whyyyyyyyyy.

The way I live now is as such: I wake up at like, 10 every morning despite the fact that I've been going to bed at like, 4 or 5 recently. The reason I wake up at 10 is because I am SUFFOCATED by my room and my brain is saying "WAKE UP OR PERISH. OPEN A FREAKING WINDOW." So I open the freaking window and fall back asleep if I'm lucky, but more likely my body has taken the fact that I stood up and exerted energy to mean that it's Time To Start The Day and doesn't let me go back to sleep.

Then the rest of the day is a power struggle between the hot, hot, heat (BANNNDAGES!) of this room and the fact that it is .00001 degree outside. My desk and bed are by the window, so I get cold fast. So I'm like okay, I'm freezing, let's close this window. But then I close the window, and the heat builds up until my hands are swelling and my computer could bake pottery. So then I open the window again. But then the icy arctic air makes me cold again. Repeat x 3837195403.

That's, of course, on days when I don't have to leave the room. Going from a 85-degree room into February winter and then into a classroom and then walking in the cold and then going BACK to the 85-degree room isn't really helping me build up an immunity to Wintry-Type Illnesses. In fact, I think I actually may be getting sick. I'm having a weird scratchy achy thing in the bad of my throat, and I'm always stuffed up recently. I was attributing it to the fact that the dehumidier sucks the moisture out of my body, thus drying out my, you know, mucous membranes (ewwww) and making me feel itchy-scratchy. But now I think I'm actually sick. That's good. Love that.

Anyway, now you have the backdrop. Let's see, what did I do this weekend?

Caitlin left on Friday, so I was lonesome and on-my-own-some on Saturday until Natalie came by and we goofed off and decided to go to Target. I bought some things I had desperately needed, such as, um.... water. I also bought a lot of food and some Valentine's Day candy on clearance. Oh, and I seem to have serious problems maneuvering a cart. I SWEAR it was the aisles at this particular Target, they were TOO NARROW, but Natalie says it's because I don't pay attention and turn around to tell her things instead of watching where I am going. Which I guess could be part of the problem.

When we got back we both tried to do work. I started, but then Natalie, terrible influence that she is, came by again and we had a photo shoot. Guys? EVERYBODY NEEDS A GIANT FAN. They are really, really, loud but seriously entertaining. Plus, sometimes you just want to feel like a NATCH-A-RULL WOOOMUNNNN. And giant fans, with their fan-your-hair-out-behind-you-in-a-heavenly-way abilities, do just that.

Then Natalie got called by her boyfriend and ended up going home to see him. Hmph. I wish I had a boyfriend who wanted to see me all the time and called me 2x a day and that we had special nicknames for each other and that he gave me jewelry and a digital camera for Christmas. I'm just saying.

So I did some more reading, which is ummm ALL I ever do for school anymore, and then got distracted by reading allllllllllll of Lindsay's old diary entries, and then mine. Halfway through the process, my room phone rang. Nobody even uses the room phones here, but I have no idea why, because they are free to use if you call on campus (I think). Anyway, I was scared, because I was predicting a flashback of the fake-radio-contest phone call, but I answered anyway, and it turned out to be Izzy, who immediately instructed me to TURN ON NBC BECAUSE THE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SNL EPISODE IS STARTING.

So I did something I haven't done in a long time--I watched TV "with" someone on the phone. It was seriously memorable. By the way, who has seen that episode? SNL is, in so many words, not funny anymore, but I have to admit, that episode was pretty good. I think it's Justin Timberlake. I suddenly have this intense respect for him. Izzy and I were talking about it while he was performing "What Goes Around," that new song of his that I think everyone hates but I LOVE for some reason that I cannot figure out. He's made a lot of really smart career decisions, and preserved his image as a celebrity in a way that some celebrites (I'm talking to you, newly bald Britney Spears!) need to consider. I never really cared much for JT before, but suddenly he's the media's golden boy, so it's kind of hard to avoid him. Also, I, um, actually read a piece in The New Yorker that made me like him a little more. Three cheers for liberal propaganda!

Anyway, the night after that consisted mainly of me reading the rest of my old entries and getting all wistful about it. I think it was kind of cute how Lindsay and I used to be each others' only friends, or at least it's cute now when we've (sort of) moved on from the almost-bf/gf-stage and made more friends. But all of that aside, Linds and I have been talking a lot more this semester, mostly because I can finally be on AIM again, and I'm still eternally grateful that I have a friend like her. We've been through a HELL of a lot together--that kind of a relationship can't be forged overnight. It makes me smile to realize that we're still close, except hopefully in a healthier, not-verging-on-romantic way.

I devoted today to homework. And by that, I mean I wrote one 2-page paper, and then watched Ten Things I Hate About You and ate a Hot Pocket. Eventually I'll do more work, but for now I think I'll eat this Handi-Snack cheese and crackers thing and keep watching TV.

Th-th-th-that's all, folks. OH! by the byyyy, the best (or only) suggestion for my mom's birthday present has been chosen! Spa Gift Certificate it is! Congratulations to Lindsay on submitting the winning entry! Here, have a virtual cookie! Hoorayyyy!

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