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2007-04-03, 10:24 p.m.

Some thoughts, in reverse chronological order:

  • American Idol is like, not even funny anymore. I'd stop watching if it weren't such a central part of my Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It's good future-roommates bonding time. And it's really, really fun to watch Melinda Doolittle totally KILL and be 1,000 times better than most singers in this world. Seriously, though. Even my fandom for Blake is dwindling as the weeks go on. Something awesome better happen soon. And I mean awesome, like, they suddenly invent and implement a method of serving warm chocolate chip cookies via television, or Gina develops Carrie-like powers and, upon elimination, locks everyone into the venue and proceeds to unleash her wrath on live network television. Now that's entertainment.
  • According to my planner, the next couple of weeks are going to get hectic. It's been a really nice, calm stretch and I guess I need to gear up for KILLZONE mode.
  • I went and saw a Townhouse for the first time and deduced that next year's living situation is going to be pretty flippin' sweet. However, I simply do not understand why our residence halls are so much shittier than every other school's. Even in the townhouse, which is, for me, the ideal living situation, there is a full fridge (awesommmme) but no stove or oven (whaaa?!). There is a "kitchenette," but no kitchen sink. Der? Baffling. I know we are a state school with no budget, but COME ON. #5 PUBLIC UNDERGRAD INSTITUTE IN THE COUNTRY, OR SOMETHING. TAKE CARE OF YOUR STUDENTS.
  • I want to see Disturbia and The Reaping. Like, SO MUCH.
  • Registration is going to be kind of a bitch. Kiiiind of a bitch.

Sorry about the blandness. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow.


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