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2007-06-12, 11:06 a.m.

Things That Could Either Turn Out Totally, Totally Awesome--or Suck Hugely:

1) Hairspray, the movie. If they manage to capture the manic, joyous awesomeness of the Broadway show, it won't matter that Amanda Bynes has somehow been granted a singing role in a movie. But my hopes are not that high.

2) 1408, the movie adaptation of possibly my favorite Stephen King short story of all time. It's about a demonic, possessed hotel room, and the short story was so good that I was all wigged out and nauseous for like, two whole days. However, Stephen King book adaptations are notoriously bad, with the exception of Carrie, of course, and even though John Cusack will be in 1408 and all women are hard-wired from birth to adore him, it could still be a disaster. Or it could be MAGICAL.

3) This decision I just made to probably quit my job at Workplace. I'm gonna do it the right way this time and find another job first and then give them notice, as opposed to last time, when I just stopped showing up one day. I'm past the point where I can say to myself, "oh, it doesn't matter that this job is boring and monotonous, it's just a summer thing between semesters, that's how it's supposed to be." The fact is that on really bad days, my job makes me hate people. Like, the entire human race. This is what it has done to me. And I don't need anything like that in my life.

4) The fact that I can hardly ever eat when I'm around CMSB. This mostly sucks because...well, it means I don't eat much anymore. But hey! Maybe I'll lose like 10 or 15 lbs or something! Lo! The lining! 'Tis silver! I'm totally kidding. I'm working on this issue. I swear.

5) These cupcakes that Melanie made that are lemon cupcakes with chocolate icing. I have yet to try one, but I figure they will either be completely disgusting, or a new and interesting flavor duo. I'm favoring the former thus far. I mean, come on.


Time for lunch and then a year-long shift at Workplace. Why.


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